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The ‘Agents of Change’ AD Challenge is a global grants initiative seeking proposals for grassroots solutions to help solve some of the greatest common challenges impacting those living with atopic dermatitis.

About the 2020 challenge: ‘Navigating Uncertainty’

To mark World Atopic Dermatitis Day 2020 and in recognition of those that live with or are impacted by AD every day, Sanofi Genzyme and Regeneron are launching the second ‘Agents of Change’ AD Challenge.

Focused on addressing the uncertainty of life with AD, this year we’re seeking community-driven solutions to help people navigate the daily unpredictability of their condition and to enable those they interact with to better understand the realities they face.

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“Living with severe atopic dermatitis is living with constant uncertainty, being capable of causing changes in plans, even preventing you from going to work due to the situation of the skin. One day you’re fine and the next day you wake up and you can’t even get dressed.”

Lidia, living with atopic dermatitis

Why focus on uncertainty?

Those who live with AD are often faced with unpredictable symptoms that can impact every part of their day. For co-workers, teachers, classmates and friends of those living with AD, understanding why there is a sudden disruption in work, school or plans can be a struggle.

That’s why we’re looking for creative ideas from around the world that address one, or both, of the following interlinked goals:

  • Help people living with AD navigate the daily unpredictability of their condition

  • Help others understand, empathise and better support people with AD

“We need to keep on raising awareness but maybe we are still lacking more fresh ideas to reflect the daily reality for patients to the general population.”

Africa Luca de Tena Smith
Director of Communication for the Association of People Affected by Atopic Dermatitis in Spain

“I hope to see more personal, along with community oriented approaches, to the challenge. We saw a lot of great ideas [in 2019] that were very group/community oriented. However, not everyone may feel comfortable participating in such setting.”

Navdeep Gosal
Developer of ‘Eczema Tracker’, and
mother of a child living with eczema

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