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The 'Agents of Change' AD Challenge

The ‘Agents of Change’ AD Challenge was a global grants initiative seeking community-driven ideas to help solve some of the greatest challenges impacting those living with atopic dermatitis (AD). By harnessing the power of collaboration and working hand-in-hand with innovators and non-profits, the AD Challenge was able to effect tangible change.

Making an Impact Around the World

Over four years, the ‘Agents of Change’ AD Challenge received 256 ideas submitted from 72 countries representing all continents and helped fund 20 local projects that made a difference in the lives of people living with AD around the world.

155 contributions, 36 countries, 16 projects funded

Celebrating the AD community and its agents of change

The ‘Agents of Change’ AD Challenge helped to highlight the burden of AD and put a spotlight on practical solutions at the local level.

We believe we can all be agents of change to help people living with AD around the world. This year, we are celebrating changemakers in the AD community and call on everyone to use practical tools to continue advocating for change in their communities.

Explore the policy toolkits below to support your advocacy efforts. Get involved and start inspiring others to #ChangeAD.

155 contributions, 36 countries, 16 projects funded

Understanding AD

The European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations (EFA)

Find out how you can engage with European policymakers.

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Managing AD

The International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations (GlobalSkin)

Download the digital advocacy campaign toolkit with ideas on how to affect change for the AD community.

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‘Agents of Change’ AD Challenge Themes & Grant Recipients

Each year, a theme was selected by the panel of experts and representatives from Sanofi and Regeneron, focusing on the most pressing issues faced by people living with AD. The AD Challenge then called on the community to submit ideas for potential solutions under the year’s selected theme.

Following the evaluation phase, a select number of AD Challenge participants were chosen to receive a grant of up to $10,000 each to bring their ideas to life.

2022 Challenge Theme: Helping strengthen self-esteem for people living with AD

2022 Grant Recipients

A TikTok Channel for Teenagers with AD

By Eczema Outreach Support, UK

Flag of U.K.

A TikTok channel for young people living with AD to support them with reliable and accurate information about the disease in an engaging and accessible way.

Thrive Together with Eczema

By Eczema Support Australia, Australia

Flag of Australia

A seven-step program co-designed with psychologists to connect and engage the local AD community in activities focused on improving self-esteem.

Make Your Move

By Epidermia, Greece

Flag of Greece

A program of five moves designed to empower people living with AD by providing information, inspiration, and tips on how to manage their disease, secure a better quality of life and increase their self-esteem.

Breaking The Stigma

By National Eczema Society, UK

Flag of UK

A documentary featuring people living with AD, sharing stories about their mental health challenges to raise awareness and break down misinformation surrounding the disease.

2021 Challenge Theme: Helping reduce the impact of AD on family life

2021 Grant Recipients

Changing the narrative of children with AD

By Partnership Coalition of Patients Organisations with Chronic Disease, Romania

Flag of Romania

A theatre play, highlighting stories of children living with AD and their struggles to raise awareness of the disease and help reduce discrimination in schools.

Helping Hands

By Shulamit Burstein in partnership with The Israeli Association for Atopic Dermatitis, Israel

Flag of Israel

Offering a pool of trained and motivated volunteers to help families with AD, giving attention to the child living with AD and caregivers a moment of relief.

A children's book to empower pediatric patients

By Living with Allergy Association, Turkey

Flag of Turkey

A children's book for newly diagnosed patients, their caregivers, siblings and friends, that helps them understand the seriousness of AD.

Eczema Group Hug

By Global Parents for Eczema Research, U.S.

Flag of U.S.

An online marketplace connecting families living with AD to nannies/babysitters with experience and training in caring for AD patients.

The Atopic Dermatitis Caregivers Academy

By GAAPP, Austria

Flag of Austria

A series of multi-language videos to educate caregivers and family members who face an AD diagnosis.

2020 Challenge Theme: Helping people navigate the daily unpredictability of AD

2020 Grant Recipients

AD Diary

By Društvo Atopijski Dermatitis, Slovenia

Flag of Slovenia

Encouraging people living with AD to write about their experience in an online diary, and organising a support group for participants to meet virtually to share what they've written.

Making School Life Easier and More Inclusive

By Eczema Outreach Support, UK

Flag of UK

Offering children and adolescents with eczema the chance to meet their potential at school through a package of support and training, helping build their communication, confidence, and self-management skills.

AD is Uncertain. So is Life.

By Day by Day Chronic (CDD), Brazil

Flag of Brazil

An AD awareness content hub that gathers patients' testimonials in video and photo form to promote understanding and exchange experiences with peers.

Radio Program for Teens

By The French Eczema Association, France

Flag of France

A radio broadcast in which teens discuss their personal experience living with AD and get answers and recommendations from dermatologists.

Elewa Health

By Elewa Health, Tanzania

Flag of Tanzania

Training a group of village health teams to facilitate workshops centered on AD and its associated challenges for patients, family members, and caregivers.


By The Eczema Association of Australasia Inc, Australia

Flag of Australia

A social media campaign to raise awareness about people living with AD, and the debilitating effect that the condition can have on their mental health.

2019 Challenge Theme: Addressing bullying or stigma experienced by people living with AD

2019 Grant Recipients

Art and literacy contest focused on 'My Skin
My Pain'

By Atopika, Slovenia

Flag of Slovenia

An international art competition inviting children, teenagers and adults with AD, as well as those who have bullied someone with AD, to submit a piece of artwork that brings to life their disease.

Sharing AD 'Life Stories' to raise awareness

By Eczema Support Australia, Australia

Flag of Australia

Promoting understanding of those living with and impacted by AD through the creation of a “Life Stories” video series, depicting the experience of adolescents with AD.

Youth-Led Education and Awareness Campaign

By Global Parents for Eczema Research, U.S.

Flag of U.S.

To tackle the bullying experienced by people living with AD, GPER proposed to launch an AD awareness campaign on popular teen communication platforms such as Snapchat, TikTok, and other social media.

Early Screening of Children with Atopic Dermatitis and Interventions


Flag of Tanzania

Introducing screening for children with AD in existing immunization clinics in local communities to ensure appropriate training and support is offered to families impacted by the skin disease.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors as Agents of Change

By The Diana Award, UK

Flag of UK

Identifying and training a young person with AD to become an “Anti-Bullying Ambassador” and deliver anti-bullying training in up to 10 selected schools.

Our panel of experts

Over the past four years, this initiative was supported by a panel of experts made up of global leaders from the AD community. Their invaluable insights and contributions helped to make the ‘Agents of Change’ AD Challenge so successful.

“As a parent of a child with atopic dermatitis, I know what kind of daily struggles our family goes through to manage AD. I have been proud to serve on the ‘Agents of Change’ AD Challenge Steering Committee over the past four years and be part of community-driven solutions for families like mine.”

Navdeep Gosal, Member of the Board of Directors for Global Parents for Eczema Research, developer of "Eczema Tracker," a free app-based solution to help patients track and manage symptoms, and the mother of a child living with AD

“As someone who lives with severe atopic dermatitis every day, being part of the ‘Agents of Change’ AD Challenge has been such a rewarding experience. By focusing on a different burden of the disease each year, we were able to show the full impact of AD and find solutions to help people like me better navigate their condition.”

África Luca de Tena Smith, Director of Communication for the Association of People Affected by Atopic Dermatitis in Spain and living with severe AD herself

“Supporting the atopic dermatitis community through my role on the ‘Agents of Change’ AD Challenge Steering Committee has been so worthwhile. It was amazing to see the creativity and passion coming from patient advocacy organizations from around the world to help make a difference in the lives of people living with AD.”

Tammi Shipowick, Programs Director at the International Alliance of
Dermatology Patient Organisations, also known as GlobalSkin

Understanding AD

Understanding AD

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Managing AD

Managing AD

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