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Initiatives in atopic dermatitis

Change AD is here to make a difference in atopic dermatitis. That’s why we regularly run our own initiatives on areas of AD that need a special focus. Whether it’s championing amazing AD individuals or exploring what it’s like to live with AD as a child, our initiatives are here to make things better.

Take a look at them and get involved – because this is how we shape the future of AD.

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Agents of Change

The ‘Agents of Change’ AD Challenge is a global grants initiative helping to solve some of the common challenges that people with AD face.

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Closing the AD-GAP

The Atopic Dermatitis Global Adolescent & Pediatric Survey (or as we call it, the AD-GAP) was a global study designed to explore the impact of AD for children and teens.

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World AD Day 5-Year Anniversary

In recognition of the fifth anniversary of World AD Day, we’re celebrating the progress made by patient and advocacy communities in raising awareness about atopic dermatitis and looking at what more is needed to support the AD community over the next five years. Discover different perspectives from the AD community as they reflect on what has changed and share their hopes for the future of AD care.

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Understanding AD

Understanding AD

If you want to feel confident in understanding the signs, symptoms and underlying causes of AD, we've got the information you need.

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Managing AD

Managing AD

Feeling like you've tried everything to manage your AD? Don't lose hope. We've got the tips, tools and information you need to get closer to control.

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