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Atopic dermatitis resources

All of Change AD’s useful guides, tools and information about atopic dermatitis – in one place.

These materials are designed to help you understand your AD better. You’ll be able to track the impact it has on your life and discover what you can do to make your day-to-day a lot easier. There's even a quiz or two for you to try.

We hope these resources will leave you more confident than ever to talk about long-term control with your dermatologist.

Tools and quizzes


Atopic Dermatitis Control Tool

These 6 quick and simple questions can give a dermatologist a good idea of how controlled your AD is.

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AD Glossary


Feeling lost in a sea of terminology? Our glossary can help you feel confident when you discuss your AD.

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Myth Buster Quiz

When it comes to AD, there's misinformation everywhere. Separate fact from fiction with our Myth Buster quiz.

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Doctor Discussion Guide

This guide can help you feel more prepared for those all-important appointments.

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Treatment Guide

Giving you the information to help you discuss treatments with your dermatologist.

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Meet Your Immune System - Infographic

Your immune system could play a role in causing your AD. Learn more about it in this handy one-page infographic.


The True Cost of Living with Atopic Dermatitis - Whitepaper

Parking fees, treatments, medical fees. There's a lot of costs involved with AD. But there might be some you haven't noticed.

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Caregiver guide

It's hard for a child to understand AD. And it can be hard for you to manage it. We're here to help.

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Patient Organisations


A global network designed to create greater awareness about eczema and atopic dermatitis to support those living with these conditions.

News and information about atopic dermatitis and connecting those living with AD to peers and healthcare professionals.