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Talking to your dermatologist

Let's make the most of every discussion

Appointments with a dermatologist are a key part of finding control of your atopic dermatitis (AD). But you may find that you've only got a small window of time to cover a lot of ground and get the outcome you want. But don't worry, this page will help you get to your appointment prepared to make that time count.

Bring balance back to the conversation

Like every conversation, talking to a dermatologist should go both ways. That means you should be asking any questions you might have and being really open and honest about how your AD affects you, your life and your relationships.

You can get more out of every moment with a dermatologist. Watch the film to see how.

Helping you start on the right foot

Kick things off with this sure-fire plan

Set goals. Then reach them.

Think about what you want to achieve with your time and how you want to feel after the appointment. Is your aim to walk away with a clear treatment plan? Or do you want to get to grips with your treatment options? Write down your goal and stick to it like a guiding star.

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woman with atopic dermatitis taking a picutre with her phone of her severe eczema flare up symptoms

Come armed with evidence

Having notes and photos that show how your AD has been since your last appointment can make the world of difference. If your signs and symptoms look okay on the day of your appointment, but you've had flares for the past few weeks, a photo can help your dermatologist understand the reality of your condition over time. So don't skip on any details – any extra information you give can help to paint a better picture of your AD.

Ask away

Consider asking these questions to really kick start the conversation:

  • Can we agree a treatment plan that we can later assess at my next appointment?
  • Is there a way to prevent flares over the long-term?
  • Do you think my treatment plan still works based on everything I've told you today?
  • My current treatment is no longer working. Are there other treatment options we can discuss?

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Your appointment check list

You've got all the tips you need, but now it's time to put them into action. Start with these three simple steps, so you can feel confident in making your next appointment the most productive one yet, and get closer to long term control.


Finding Control

See how controlled your AD really is

Answer 6 quick questions from our Atopic Dermatitis Control Tool to find your score. It'll show your doctor just how controlled your AD is

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Get to grips with treatment options

Use the Treatment Guide to understand the different types of treatment available to treat AD

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The Doctor Discussion Guide can help you to recognise the different ways AD could affect your life – alongside helpful tips to make your discussions even better

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